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New video game consoles is a web site that has been created to provide some free basic information on the newest video game consoles that will be hitting the market in the near future, and those who we feel will command this billion dollar market over the next five years. We will review each of the new video game consoles, and will provide you with great information about them.

  Recently or soon to be released consoles:  
Video Game Consoles - Home page and introduction to The world of video game consoles.
Sony Playstation 3 - Learn about the new Sony Playstation 3 video game console.
Microsoft XBox 360 - Free information about the new Microsoft X Box 360 video game console.
Nintendo Wii - See plenty of free information about the new Nintendo Wii video game console.
Sony PSP - The newest Sony handheld video game console is the Sony PSP. Check out this section to learn more.
Nintendo DS - Learn about the already released Nintendo DS video game console.
Nintendo 3DS - Learn about the newest and first 3D handheld console. Check out our Nintendo 3DS section.

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