All About Frank Weglarz

Frank Weglarz Frank Weglarz is a perfect example of a determined and dedicated person. He invested on education in order to obtain essential knowledge for his future career. Their family owns a large company so he really needs to acquire competent qualifications to meet the business standards. The responsibility of managing Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. will be transferred to him on the prefect time. He had established a goal that he will help his father on leading the company. His credentials will prove that he is highly capable of extending his services to a variety of citizens around their area.


Secondary- Rolling Meadows High School
Tertiary- Augustana College (2002-2006) – he earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts, major in Finance. During his stay on the mentioned educational institution, he also engaged himself on various activities. He explored his capabilities and other talents by being part of several societies.

  •  Augustana College (Football)- He was a varsity member for 4 years.
  • Augustana College (Track & Field)- He was a member for 3 years.
  • Dance Marathon- He was also the student director for Children’s Hospital.
  • Delta Omega- He acted as the Social Chair from 2005-2006. He served different fraternal chapters in college.


Cooling systems installation, maintenance, and repair- Frank Weglarz worked really hard to achieve these certifications. He was very attentive on daily lectures so he was able to fully understand the concepts about HVAC.

Frank WeglarzFrank Weglarz has Skills in:

  •  Leadership
  •  Strategic planning
  • Management
  • Contract management
  •  Budgets
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  •  Customer service
  • Public speaking
  • Project estimation
  • Team building
  • Construction
  • Microsoft office
  • Microsoft Excel

Job background

  • Project Estimator at Heating Company (2013)- Frank’s knowledge and skills in HVAC coverage make him a competent employee. He provides excellent customer support through applying a friendly ambiance. He was able to draft solutions that can guide the customers about air care.
  • Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. (2014) – This company concentrates on remodeling residential properties and home construction. It also specializes on installation of heating systems and air conditioning units. When it comes to repair, HVAC is also a well-recognized name in the air care industry. Customers will expect for total ventilation care that can make every home filled with comfort.

If you are thinking of a man who can fit the description of being “passionate”, Frank Weglarz will be the most applicable person. He can prove that it is possible to reach one’s dreams through loving what you do.

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