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  XBox 360 Recall  
  Xbox 360 Recall

XBox 360 Recall

Think twice before you take your Xbox 360 to a nearby retailer for a recall because a recall will not happen in the near future, if at all.

Complaints of a system breakdown, including crashes from overheating, have circulated through the Internet since Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in North America on Nov. 22, 2005.

However, these alleged problems with the Xbox 360 are no different – in fact, the difficulties are not as severe – than other units on the market, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft spokespeople have stated that consumers are returning the Xbox 360 at a lower rate than the industry average of 3 to 5 percent.

A glance at and shows no information or news about technical difficulties that have affected the Xbox 360. Microsoft has chosen to ignore publicizing the issue – if there is one – and has restricted its involvement to a customer support telephone number at 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

If an Xbox 360 needs to be replaced or requires new parts, Microsoft will supply necessary equipment free of charge.

The unsubstantiated news that widespread problems exist with the Xbox 360 might be caused by anti-Microsoft bloggers, some analysts suggest.

A common story seen on many blogs on the Internet concerning the Xbox 360 is the story of a Wal-Mart store running out of its supply of the Xbox 360. The blog describes a Wal-Mart employee saying that none were left because of a recall due to crashes resulting from overheating.

With this information posted on the Internet – erroneous or not – consumers were set into a panic. One Chicago man sued Microsoft in December, alleging that his system is prone to overheating. He claimed Microsoft sold a defective product because it wanted to rush the Xbox 360 to the stores in order to beat new releases by Sony (with its Play Station3) and Nintendo.

The man sought an unspecified amount for damages and expenses related to the lawsuit, which is still pending. He also wants Microsoft to recall all of its Xbox 360 units.

Microsoft scoffs at the lawsuit, reiterating again that only a fraction of the Xbox 360’s that have been sold since November have experienced technical difficulties.

Microsoft has sold more than 4 million Xbox 360s since the console’s release date. A small percentage, almost 2 percent, of Xbox 360 owners has reported problems to Microsoft.

Some blogs have reported that a 15 percent malfunction rate exists with the Xbox 360. That number is a “ridiculous inflation of the real number,” a Microsoft spokesperson is quoted as saying.

Microsoft has offered tips to avoid overheating, such as balancing the console on a platform that allows air flow around it. However, the same can be said for any small appliance.

The question to ask is not when a recall will take place, but when is this talk about Xbox 360 crashes going to come to an end? Analysts say the same negative news will surface regarding Sony’s PlayStation 3, most likely from Microsoft loyalists.

And you thought the games were only played on the video monitor.

Thank you to Javier Moralas for this X box 360 recall article


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